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Product Handling, Ciasa, Compañia Internacional de almacenajes

Attending to the characteristics of the goods received, the product handling can include un-loading and loading of complete pallets or picking, prepared from boxes to consumer units. This is a solution and a guarantee to the companies that have a high number of references and daily orders.

- Manual containers unloading and loading.
- Palletising.
- Control, verification and classifation of goods.
- Sampling.
- Shrink wrapping.
- Tagging.
- Packaging.
- Blistering.
- Banding.
- Enveloping.
- Order preparation and picking.

THE PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT HANDLING requires special attention due o the fact that it is highly personalized. We are flexible to fit with the indications and necessities of our customers.

We have experience with:

- Product handling for events.
- Product handling for points of sale.
- Preparation of promotions or malls.
- Preparation of promotional packs and kits.
- Preparation of merchandise.

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